3 Stupid Bets You Must Read

Some punters just love to bet. You've heard about those people who would bet on two flies crawling up a wall. I always wonder if there is a finishing line or whether the loser is the first fly to fly off into the sunset. 

The world of betting is built on a foundation of stupid bets. The kind of idiotic bets that get to make the press. Sure, they are a good read. They are amusing, funny, laughable and often incredible. However, would you like to have your name published as being the said bettor? What a tag to write home about. 

''Hey, did you see that bloke who bet on the world ending?'' 

It was me!!!!

I guess you could collect your winning in heaven or hell but I am sure you don't need wonga in the former and the heat would burn it to ash in the latter. 

Read this list of  crazy, stupid life and death bets.

Too Cold 

''Working in the Arctic, 72 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, with a wind. A poker game broke out to pass the time in darkness. A final bet: the loser was to strip down to naked and stand outside for one minute. Now to those of you who live in San Diego, this kind of cold freezes skin in 10 seconds, snot becomes icicles and hence formed phrases such as, “frosted balls”! *One minute naked in this due north is like an eternity!!! I WON and I’m still fertile, unfortunately my friend claims Mr.Turtle has never come out again ;) ''

Sure, I like to make Bets

''I love this one! I’m really big into making crazy bets.. however, I’m not at all like Laura’s friend Kellen – I’d never want to actually be the one eating the crisco nacho or running around naked and covered in chocolate milk.. (did I misunderstand what happened in that bet?) 

However, I am an excellent “market maker”.. when any two people want to make a crazy bet, I am particularly good at coming up with a betting structure, or odds, or specific terms that will make both parties SURE they are going to win and want to enter the bet.. At my previous job, this was a constant source of amusement for us, and it mostly centered around various food bets: whole pizzas, gallons of ice cream, the entire contents of a vending machine, etc.. 

Crazy bets are the best!''

I Bet you 20 Cents
''I work in the dishroom of my campus dining hall, and just the other day a friend was working across from me on the other dishline and leaned over the plate piles and cup racks to say “I bet you 20 cents I can keep the conveyor turned all the way up to 10 for the whole shift” (we usually turn down the dish belt to make the worst of the rush manageable). Naturally this led to trading banter and heckling for the rest of our 3 hour lunch shift, which is exactly the kind of thing that makes work AWESOME! He pulled through the thick of the lunch rush on 10, by the way, and I turned over my 2 dimes.''