Punching Below Your Weight

Mayhem at Goodwood. Nothing to do with the winner of the 2:35. No photo finish needed to settle this battle to the line.  Instead, the headlines detail - of all things - a fight at Goodwood. Not 50 drunks or have a go heroes - two well-known jockeys and a bunch of fives.  

Pistols at dawn. Handbags at high tea. Whatever...it's not good to horse racing if this hits the headlines.  

So what happened? 

Raul De Silva has been banned for 21 days for violence conduct for hitting Jim Crowley in the face while in the Goodwood weighing room. 

Crowley suffered a cut lip which needed stitches after the incident at Sunday's meeting. 

The pair rode in the 7f handicap were both jockeys' mounts were unplaced. 

Crowley declined to comment about the incident but took too further rides to show he wasn't unduly affected by the punch. 

A number of jockeys and weighing room were interviewed after racing.     

So are fights between jockeys common?

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