Smooch the Cat Places Winning Bet

It's not every day you win when playing online slots - especially when you are a cat!

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and that was the case when Smooch the cat placed a winning bet which made bookmakers reel. 

Mark Smith couldn't believe his luck when playing slots on his laptop. ''I always play slots every Sunday for a little bit of fun and relaxation. Smooch had been sitting next to me on his favourite cushion fast asleep. I played for about twenty minute without much luck.''

Leaving the room to get a cup of tea from the kitchen, Smith thought he heard a noise coming from the room but didn't take much notice. 

''After ten minutes or so, I came back into the room and noticed Smooch laying flat out on the laptop. He looked so relaxed and funny I didn't really consider what had happened. I shooed him away to resume my play on Cleopatra slots when I looked at the balance and somehow I'd won £118.''

Smith continue: ''The only explanation is that Smooch must have pressed the space bar and won the cash!''

Betfair, got wind of the lucky cat winning after the story went viral on Twitter. 

A Betfair representative said: ''We get people contacting us about mistakenly betting and losing by accident. However, it seems that Smooch is one lucky cat. I guess he will be getting an extra tin of food from his happy owner.''

Have you ever heard of a pet placing a bet before?